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PHILIPPE HUREL- CANTI Coffee table - photo @ameliemaisondart.jpg


Dialog - Showroom Paris

Everything starts from a missed but quickly forgotten appointment and from a well-acted will to draw a furrow together. Between South Pigalle, its rue des Martyrs and rue du Bouloi, the distance is not insurmountable despite the generations that separate them.

The shared values of the two Houses erase all temporality, art and craftsmanship having no age! The love of materials, the mix of disciplines and the discovery of talents ensure a common thread between Amélie, Maison d'art and Philippe Hurel, creator of exceptional furniture.​

PHILIPPE HUREL- OTTO Cabinet 1 - photo @ameliemaisondart.jpg

Creating a dialogue between disciplines and the Arts is the perspective that we have proposed to Maison Philippe Hurel. Through four-handed work with Amélie du Chalard, creator of Amélie Maison d'Art, we asked her to imagine with us the space of a collector. Associate each scene of the Paris Showroom with works of a multitude of talents. Paintings, Sculptures, works on paper and photographs feed and combine with exceptional furniture.

Through this dialogue, which will evolve over the seasons over the year 2020, Amélie associates her experienced and emerging artists with each corner in the Philippe Hurel showroom. Association of chroma, textures, opposition or analogies of forms, each work comes into resonance with the pieces from the 2020 collection.

Amélie’s freshness and keen eye meet the timelessness and fantasy of Philippe Hurel.


Photo copyright / Amélie Maison d'Art

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