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Accompanying a century-old brand at a turning point in its history is always a challenge. To start the artistic direction, we focused on the products, strategy, influence of the brand and the marketing tools that needed to be introduced. Then, a detailed historical analysis gave us a deep understanding of the production tools of Le Lit National and allowed us to think about the elements that make this brand so unique.


Our engagement with Le Lit International was completed by a selection of niche and specialised fabric editors that demonstrated brand values that are consistent with those of this living heritage company. We are proud to say that all recommendations have been actioned alongside the introduction of a new range of bedding designed exclusively by TMJ Design Studio. 

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Bring detail and Made in France touch

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As part of our specialist consultation, we proposed to enhance the ‘Made in France’ message by a clearly visible and recognisable decoration to differentiate the models of Le Lit National. Directly inspired by the Cocarde and the Légion d’honneur, this cartisane, handmade by a Parisian workshop, is the signature of Le Lit National mattresses.


A new customized detail

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Our extensive experience in the luxury bedding industry over the last 15 years has led us to recommend the introduction of a new customisable detail; the tuft. Traditionally made of wool, cotton, or silk, we have proposed it in a mixture of different yarns and fibres to make it stand out and resonate quality. This way, a functional component can also become decorative and enhance to beauty of the mattress.


A new touch to communicate

We realised that it is always a challenge for a brand to ‘speak’ to different generations and cover the plurality of customer tastes. Moreover, the traditional bed has a long history of illustration inherited from the first part of the 20th Century. To evolve this concept, we proposed to have an illustrator create a series of 52 images to deconstruct (in a playful way) different scenes related to bedding… in the workshop, in the showroom, in the home etc. so that everyone can recognise something of themselves in the illustrations. Also used as an alternative to photographs for social media and newsletters, these images will be grouped together in a publication and will, in themselves, contribute to the rich future heritage of the Le Lit National brand.


Preciousness and naturalness of the raw materials


The brand identified interior design professionals, who are aware of the unique and high-end nature of the product, as priority clients. To facilitate this strategy, TMJ Design Studio proposed a transportable box containing samples of all the precious raw materials so the sales team could demonstrate the truly natural elements within the bed. This additional tool allows Le Lit National to distinguish itself from the competition and reaffirms the brands luxury status.



Social media content & communication

Communication on social media networks must be wide-reaching, sensitive, aesthetic and complimentary to the core brand values. In addition to the illustrations and the fact that Le Lit National has immense expertise in tapestry and in the choice of luxury fabrics, we advised them to the produce thematic mood boards on a regular basis to emphasise their character, quality of product and the seasonality of their creations.

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