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Bed Collection for Le Lit National


Both contemporary and timeless, the new Patrimonio collection from Le Lit National combines the company's unique expertise in high quality bedding and couture bedroom decor with the sensitivity of designer Terence Mesguich Jacquemin.

Since 1909, Le Lit National has always been able to combine innovation in sleeping comfort with the creation of models adorned with the most beautiful decorative fabrics. Under the control of the Beaufour-Lévy family since 2016, the company continues to cultivate excellence, relying on the nobility of natural materials, the precision of traditional craftsmanship and the exclusivity of advice and custom manufacturing.

Le Lit National has entrusted its new collection to designer Terence Mesguich Jacquemin. His talent for creating objects, artistic direction, scenography, industrial design and interior architecture is expressed in a variety of fields, working for prestigious brands and houses with exceptional know-how, often guided by his sensitivity to craftsmanship: Philippe Hurel, Louis Pion, Galerie Hélène Bailly...


The Milano model is inspired by the sophistication of the eponymous city, right down to the smallest detail. In the great tradition of the sarti - the Italian tailors - this backsplash offers a vast field of personalization.

The upper part of the backsplash offers a space to compose and upholster as desired. The base of the backsplash, which offers lighting and connectivity, is again customizable with coordinated finishes between the decor of the reading light and its shelf and the electrical equipment (power outlet, USB, jack ...).

Milano, an imposing and extremely sophisticated backsplash, is a perfect balance of extravagance and refinement.



More discreet than its neighbor Amalfi, Ravello nestles on a promontory of the Amalfi coast. A Mecca for classical music, the village is to culture what Capri is to festivity.

Echoing the balcony architecture of Villa Cimbrone, the Ravello backsplash unfolds a succession of planes to highlight two "landscape" panels, which lend themselves to an infinite combination of fabrics, textures and colors.


Located on the shores of Lake Como, Bellagio is nicknamed "the Pearl of the Lake". In the 19th century, its first palaces welcomed the celebrities of the time with exquisite refinement the celebrities of the time.

The superposition of panels subtly highlighted with piping evokes the characteristic relief of Bellagio, on the shoreline.

A model that breathes the spirit of a certain distinguished and sober elegance.



A Sicilian Baroque city rebuilt in the 18th century, Noto is a succession of soft, generous lines. The design of the model pays homage to the numerous arcades of the city that provide a shady break. The light glides over the volumes and emphasizes a soothing repetition of curves.

The bulge of the backsplash invites a comfortable rest while displaying an essential design.



Florence, a leading city of the Renaissance, gives its name to the revamped model of the traditional home bed.

Both a bench and a trundle bed, the model is adorned with sculptural curved backsplashes that set a generous upholstered mattress with incomparable comfort.

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