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Chest of drawers- Philippe Hurel 2013 Collection

Mina is the name of a young girl who is the result of a crossbreeding between Asia and Europe, a stylish marriage with an essential allure. 

While revisiting the classic chest of drawers, this monolith with 9 drawers is a subtle graphic game in the intertwining of the veneers and the arrangement of the grain of the selected wood. Depending on the choice of wood, its character is asserted or softened to reveal its timelessness.

Born of collaboration between Philippe Hurel and TMJ Design Studio, Mina is a chest of drawers with geometric lines and impressive character : it utilises a monolithic form and interlinked trapezoidal volumes to achieve its stunning effect.

In addition to the shadows and light, curves and geometric lines and forms that intrigue and fascinate.

The Mina reserves another mystery in its two secret drawers, another nod to tradition of fine cabinetmaking.

White lacquer and base in oak lacquer 9005 / Sandblasted aspect oak brut and base in oak lacquer AL 5008 

Using a meticulously laid Ziricote veneer, Mina rekindles the age of old traditions of marquetry with resolutely contemporary lines and form. Sourced in Central America, Ziricote is characterised by its rich form and sinuous grain. A gloss varnish serves to further intensify the contrasts and engenders flashes of light and kaledoscopic color and movement.

MINA 4.jpg

Mina - chest of drawers

Ziricote veneer unique piece

Photo copyright / Francis Amiand

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