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In Japan, the Torii are the portals that lead the way to the entrance to Shinto temples, marking the border between the sacred world and the profane world. The result of ancestral craftmanship, they are built according to complex assemblies.

Outside of their religious context, these architectural elements, real sculptures erected towards the sky are compared to Land Art. I

nspired by these traditional constructions, the Torii chair is a composition based on the motif of the cylinder:

the first, whole, constitutes the crosspiece of the backrest; the second, hollowed out, is used as a resting place and the third, in the form of a cross-section, is intended for the seat.

The whole is dressed in a fabric splashed with blue, and set on a base in anthracite oak.


Slipper chair - Philippe Hurel 2021 Collection


Seat and back in fabric, base in oak anthracite


Photo copyright / Francis Amiand & Nora Hegedus

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