Our experience

For 15 years Terence Mesguich Jacquemin (TMJ) and his Studio have supported brands and companies in structuring their creativity.

Consultation, design, development and staging are recognized talents of our expertise.

Our method

As a global or partial delegated Art Direction, we are particularly attached to the brands DNA, their history and

their production tool.

Creativity always results from a prior analysis and a concerted brand strategy with management, communication / marketing, sales and production teams.

Understanding each professionand skills allows us to facilitate dialogue and streamline projects.

Our knowledge of craftsmen and production techniques allow our customers to save precious time.



Our Commitments

From freehand sketching or space design to point-of-sale staging,
from modeling / prototyping to the graphic or language elements production,

we support our customers according to a personalized roadmap.


With companies we walk the path that leads from a creative will to the product or to a finalized space.