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Vispring Luxury Beds

Vispring consumes more than 300,000 linear meters of fabric per year to fill its mattresses, divans and headboards. For more than a year we have analysed the demands of COM fabrics in terms of texture, composition and colour. We have also categorized them by major geographical areas in order to identify certainties.

The balanced Tilmeless collection is therefore the result of aesthetic choices but also of a precise reflection of the uses and demands of the different markets around the world.

In addition, we have obtained from Vispring a significant increase in fabrics made exclusively of natural fibres.

Finally, we have extended the price ranges so that fabrics without supplements become the majority while maintaining an extreme quality. The result is 90 fabrics divided into distinct and complementary families.


The second step planned from the beginning was to complete the Timeless Collection (which can last 4-5 years) with Locals Collections according to the tastes of the main regions of the globe. Through this complement, we proposed Vispring to be at the forefront of the fabrics of editors and to take advantage of the notoriety of the actors of the decoration fabrics.

We have selected 3 major brands with plural and complementary origins: Designers Guild (UK), DEDAR (IT), Jab-Carlucci (DE). Ideally these collections are renewed every 18-24 months to bring freshness to the choice of customers and retailers.


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