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Gueridon - Philippe Hurel 2021 Collection

The Come gueridon has the slenderness and energy of a totem.
Some will see in the airy emptiness of its base the evocation of a crack open on a clear horizon.

The top and base are made of cast brass or aluminum, with a patina and worked in the manner of a raw and vibrant imprint.


Côme inspiration

Between the rigor of the form and the subtlety of the metal work that one

would almost believe to be in fusion, Come imposes itself to the eye.

Patinated aluminium or brass cast

Concorde dune-Sofa Panthère-Jouffre_Studio Parisien-Gaëlle Le Boulicaut (4).jpg

Photo copyright / Francis Amiand - Mickael Peirano - Gael Le Boucicault

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